Dear Diary…

It’s been a, long time. Many years. It was as though, once she had me, she turned off the sex. After years of passion, sensuosity and eroticism, came frigidity and constant rejection. Whatever I tried, from romance to assertiveness, failed to arouse her interest. But something has fundamentally changed.

Friday, we made love. Nothing wild, and not as much playful foreplay as I like, but it wasn’t just the quick, functional fuck we have occasionally had during the recent eternal passion drought. It was sensuous. A lot of kissing with naked bodies pressed against each other. I was permitted to caress her beautiful breasts, soft and shapely, without being reprimanded. When she was ready, she played with my balls and took my erection in her hand, pumping me solid, before lying back, pulling me on top and having me fuck her to two, wonderfully loud, orgasms, as heart felt as any she had “in the day”, and on to fill her with my fresh, warm cum.

Then… more surprising than Friday’s genuine passion… she wanted more on Sunday! As we lay in bed, spooning, she kept pushing herself back against me, wriggling her arse a little against my hardening cock, winding her feet between my legs. All apparently innocent little moves as if restless in search of sleep. Was she genuinely restless or was she purposely teasing me? For an hour, maybe more, we danced our little dance. I turned over, facing away, and she followed, putting her arm around my chest. I willed her to move it down, slowly, over my stomach and on to gently play with my cock and balls. But, no, she resolutely kept her hand high. A number of turns later and once again we were spooning. She must have been able to feel my now solid erection pressing into the small of her back. Normally she would tut and push me away, but not Sunday. Indeed, she even pressed herself harder against it. Eventually I built up the courage to move things on. I hoped to God I had not misread her. Too often I have tried to do so only to be made to feel my approaches were inappropriate and selfish.

I contrived another move, lifting the duvet high on my shoulder and then, when replacing my arm around her, doing so so that my thumb was brushing along the underside of her breast. A few seconds without rejection and I dared to gently stroke the soft flesh with gently movements of my thumb alone. A minute or so later, still without rejection – but certain she was still awake and aware of what I was doing! – I slowly moved my hand up, eventually cupping and gently, so very gently, caressing her. I moved my thumb a little higher, softly teasing her nipple… her hard, erect nipple. She turned onto her back and kissed me with a deep passion. I trailed my kisses on down her neck, onto the swell of her breasts. I kissed around them, under them, eventually spiralling up one to her nipple and softly suckled her. She gave out a little groan of pleasure and my cock hardened the more. I have always found that it is the apparent pleasure and desire of my lover that arouses me the most.

I kept everything soft and gently. No wild passion tonight.

I felt her hand slip down between us and straight onto my shaft. She grabbed it and pumped it hard, always a sign that she wanted it inside her… and now!

She lay back and pulled me on top of her. I slipped inside her dripping pussy. Pressed deep inside. She gasped, grabbing may hand and placing it onto her breast. I fucked her slowly but firmly. Lifting myself high so as to ensure I gave pressure on her clit as I did so, just how she used to like it. She came the first time. An exquisite climax. So beautifully exquisite. She dug her nails into by back and dragged them down, forcing me deeper into her pussy and came a second time.

As she came off her climax, I pulled out of her. I hadn’t come, but that didn’t matter. My pleasure was in her pleasure alone. She turned over, satisfied, I tucked in behind her, and we fell into sleep.

Not one word was said during the sex, nor since. And that is how it should be. It doesn’t need to be discussed. Words only detract from the pure physical beauty of a good fuck. But I am hoping this is the start of a new physical passion that will blossom once again, rediscovering the passionate and erotic as well. Slowly, slowly.

But it does make me wonder just where this rekindled discovery of her sexual desire has arisen. More of those thoughts to come.

Dare You…? no.3

Little challenges to help you expand your boundaries & add a little sex to your everyday!

Whisper another man’s name to your husband as he comes.

Next time your husband fucks you, close your eyes and imagine he is another man. A friend, a work colleague, a girlfriend’s husband… Maybe you already do.

But this time, as he climaxes, filling you with his fresh, warm cum, whisper the name of your fantasy man. He is unlikely to register what you’re saying during mid flow!

Dare You…? no.2

Little challenges to help you expand your boundaries & add a little sex to your everyday!

Wake you partner up by gently playing with his cock.

Start by gently stroking. As he stirs and his cock begins to harden, take it fully in hand and begin to slowly pump it… gradually get firmer and faster. If you want to really drive him wild, harden him off in your mouth… a little lick… a good hard suck.

Then you choose… leave him frustrated or have him fuck you to orgasm.