Having An Illicit Affair? Careful…

It’s a classic situation… all the signs they say to look for. New hair style, new underwear, more time away on business, taking a little more time on her appearance, lack of sex drive at home. I’m not sure, but I suspect my wife may be having an affair or, if not, would be open to one should the opportunity arrive.

Strangely, it doesn’t bother me. When we were in the zone, she was absolutely fabulous sexually. And insatiable. Shame for that to be wasted!! I never thought I’d say it, but I would be quite happy for her to be enjoying herself with another man. Is that strange?

I’d rather know about it. I’d even like her to tell me about it. (I’d love to watch, but that is highly unlikely!) I’d quite like to discover it… something she fails to hide or lets slip, but not tell her I know. A female friend of mine who is having an affair, says it has really turned her back on to sex, and so hubby benefits at home as well.

21% of UK women have affairs. The thrill of the illicit adds spice to their lives without destroying what they have at home. Maybe you should… read this… and don’t be one to miss out!

I wonder. Let me know your thoughts as a woman… on whether she is playing away and/or my being content with that if she is.

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