Dare you…? no. 4

Little challenges to help you expand your boundaries & add a little sex to your everyday!

Deny your husband/lover just as he is about to come.

Seduce your husband or lover (or both?!). Drive him wild with desire for you. No quickie here! Then let him fuck you to his heart’s content. But… as you sense he is on the verge of coming… push him off forcefully. Instruct him to lie next to you, but to do nothing… to you or himself! Then masturbate yourself to a climax. Make sure you are lying very close, touching, so he can feel the tremors and convulsing of your orgasm.

As a little extra, when you have finished, slip out of bed, leaving him unsatisfied… and with a clear instruction not to finish himself off. The cream on the cake (so to speak!)… pump his erection a few times by hand as you leave the bed, just to take him even closer!

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