Dare You…? no. 1

Little challenges to help you expand your boundaries & add a little sex to your every day!

Touch the cock of a man who is not your partner.

Maybe just a casual, “accidental” brush of your hand as you pass in the office. Maybe something far more direct when chatting to your best friend’s man in the kitchen!

Maybe even a little treat to yourself at the Christmas party! Make an game of it and challenge a couple of friends as well!

Being Watched By Your Husband As You Enjoy Another Cock

As a lover, I achieve my greatest arousal from sensing the pleasure of the woman I am with. Whether we are enjoying the most intimate, sensual moment or high with erotic charge, if she is immersed in her own pleasure, if what I am doing to her, or permitting her to do to me, takes her to sexual highs, then I become insatiable. I guess that is why my writing is primarily aimed at women… intelligent, discerning women. It reflects that balance and, hopefully, provides arousal and inspiration to all my readers when they are with their husbands, their lovers or, indeed, playing alone!

But that trigger to my own pleasure has started to lead me to places I had never expected to go. I am increasingly fantasising about my wife enjoying herself with another man. I want to see her hunger as she sucks on his cock. I want to see her passion as he fucks her hard. I want to hear her orgasms as he takes her over the top and fills her pussy with his cum. From a man who used to be a jealous lover, this is some evolution! I am actually happy for another man to enjoy her. I don’t necessarily even have to see. I would like to watch, be it in person or on film, but just to know she’s being fucked is arousing in itself.

Maybe, just maybe, having another man pleasuring her, having another cock deep inside her, would increase her desires with me as well! And I suspect that, if she didn’t realise I knew, if she thought she was having illicit sex, she would be even more excited by it.

Oh, but how to make it happen? I could write a thousand stories of such adventure, but cannot imagine having the courage to put it in to practice in real life! All ideas welcome.