Sex Games!

I love games and I adore sex, so what could be better than combining the two? So, on this page, I intend to build a collection of games you might play with your partner, your lover or maybe a few pals.

House Rules

I would suggest that, before you start to play any of these games, you determine each individual’s limits. For example, I would never do anything sexual with another guy. Then just be flexible with the rules to accommodate and everyone can have fun!


Best with 3 or 4 players, but suitable for between 2 and 6.


  • Any standard Monopoly board
  • One playing piece per player
  • All of the property cards (excluding stations and utilities, which are not used in the version)
  • A timer
  • Any toys or objects you may wish to use for sexual forfeits

Each player starts wearing the same number of items of clothing.

Youngest player starts. They throw the die and move the number of spaces shown on it. They undertake any action required as per the list below, and then play moves clockwise to the next player.

How to play:

  • Land on a property space. You have to buy it. The cost is one item of clothing. The purchaser chooses which item will be removed. They then allocate all numbers on the die between the other players and throw the die again. The selected person then removes the item of clothing from the purchaser. They are given the relevant property card. Once they are naked, they cannot buy any more properties.
  • PASSING GO! Once again numbers on the die are allocated between the other players. The die is thrown, and this time, the person passing Go! has to snog that player for 10 seconds.
  • LAND ON PROPERTY ALREADY OWNED BY ANOTHER PLAYER. You must do the sexual forfeit chosen by the owner of the property. This can be anything – “perform a lap dance for your husband”, “stand outside the front of the house naked for 30 seconds”, “fuck my wife for 60 seconds”, “suck my husband’s cock for 60 seconds”, “be spit roasted by the two guys”… The only limits are your imagination and House Rules (see above).
  • LAND ON A Chance SPACE. Allocate the numbers on the die between all of the other players and throw the die. That person can then ask the player any sexual/erotic question they like, and they have to answer honestly. (eg “when did you last have sex and who with?”, “how old were you first held a cock?”, “would you fuck a colleague if away on business and your partner would never find out?”…
  • LAND ON AN Opportunity SPACE. The player can choose a sexual act to perform with, or have done to them by, any player of their choice.
  • LAND IN JAIL. At the start of their next go, the player must throw a six to move on. If they don’t, they must perform oral sex on all of the other players for 30 seconds each, then move the number on the die.

I suggest you go round the board three times, although you may wish to vary this depending upon how many players you have. You keep going until all of the players have completed the three rounds, although the winner is the first person so to do.

The winner than chooses the final, ultimate forfeit… whatever they want… with as many or as few players as they want…

Sexopoly – The final erotic forfeit?


This is one for a group of girls, and definitely best after a few drinks to loosen any inhibitions!


  • One man of your choice! Could be your own partner, that of one of the other girls, or maybe just a guy you fancy from the tennis club. Or, if you want to be really naughty, consider inviting the man of one of the girls who can’t be there – and don’t tell her!
  • A chair per girl, set out on a circle, facing inwards.
  • A timer.

Hostess starts.

How to play:

  • Place the naked man in the centre of the circle.
  • The hostess beckons him over to her and takes his cock into her mouth, sucking him off for 30 seconds – not a second longer.
  • The hostess then passes him on to the next girl in the circle. She now takes him into her mouth for 30 seconds.
  • … and so it goes on, passing the man around until finally he comes, and one lucky girl takes his load. In this version of Russian Roulette, she is the winner.

What you do with the guy now, is up to you. But I doubt you’ll want him to leave!

She who swallows, wins!

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